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Census racial data can unite instead of divide

Weber County Hispanics

“Sure, to some, it might seem like the census data is divisive. But the only thing that makes lifeless data a political weapon is people who use it to make others feel scared and threatened,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

Ogden police car

This week: A new system to file police reports online, two caring high school communities, automatic voter registration, and the Davis County Jail.

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Buy off Trump with the wall

Trump Immigration

“It used to be that enhanced security on the border — and yes, a physical structure that in places is effectively a wall — had bipartisan support,” writes Rich Lowry.


If everyone contributed $1 a day, we could eliminate the federal debt


A year or two ago, a lady wrote you a letter expressing her concern about the federal debt. I was also thinking about that and wondering why no one was doing anything about it. The United States is said to be the richest nation in the world, and we can't clear up a debt that has to be affecting the...

Standard Deviations

Columnist believes President Trump making America worse than Haiti

Trump Immigration

Trump’s vulgar reference to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries shows the president’s true colors.

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Utah's jails continue to operate in secrecy — and prisoners continue to die

Gregory Hayes Jail Death

Utah built a system that protects sheriffs from accountability for the safety of their prisoners. That cannot continue.

Guest Commentary

Want to save the next generation of kids? Start school later in the morning

Sleepy Students

"We need to ask ourselves what is truly important,” writes E. Kent Winward, “the outdated "early-to-bed" axiom or our children’s well-being, and ultimately, their futures?” 

National Commentary

In a sea of Republican cowards, Mia Love spoke up

Mia Love Contraception-1

“For her eloquent, lonely statement in a sea of moral cowardice, we can say, well done, Congresswoman Love,” writed Jennifer Rubin.

National Commentary

Offshore drilling and Trump's war on the environment

BP Gulf Settlement

“The administration wants to stimulate offshore drilling while making it more dangerous,” writes Steve Chapman.

National Commentary

In Trump's White House, it's the survival of the servile


“Trump's main management goal seems to be to keep his employees off balance — unsure of his regard — in order to motivate conspicuous acts of loyalty,” writes Michael Gerson.

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