Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

A march, a movie and renewed hope for America

MLK Day March 2018

“Sometimes it takes a while, but truth, facts and justice will prevail,” writes Don Porter.

Guest Commentary

Utah needs a long-term strategy to address its worker shortage

Secondary BZ 101017 OWATC New Facility 02-3

“The U.S. needs immigration reform, so the current discussion on how to keep foreigners out is the wrong discussion,” writes Jeff Steagall.

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Want to save the next generation of kids? Start school later in the morning

Sleepy Students

"We need to ask ourselves what is truly important,” writes E. Kent Winward, “the outdated "early-to-bed" axiom or our children’s well-being, and ultimately, their futures?” 

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Politically, 2018 should be just as interesting as last year

Senate Utah Romney-15

“It’ll be fun to see Romney on the campaign trail again. He shape-shifts more shamelessly than any politician in memory,” writes Don Porter.

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If a better environment is our goal, how should we help?

BZ 121417 Traffic Inversion 01

“It just makes sense to practice positive conservation,” writes Robert Hunter.

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2018 prediction: More unexpected things will come out of the White House

Trump Book

Columnist E. Kent Winward shares his predictions for 2018.

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We become what we do

Mother Teresa Timeline

“The habits and behaviors that take up our hours and days and months form us. We are products of our practices,” writes D. Louise Brown.

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S-E readers react to Jeff Sessions' crackdown on marijuana

Legalized Pot-1

Should federal law enforcement officials be able to interfere with marijuana sales in states where the drug is legal?

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Readers React: Cache County teacher fired after showing nude art

Iris Tree

The Cache County School District made national headlines last week after officials fired an art teacher who passed out images of classical paintings that contained nudity and were seen by sixth-graders. Here’s what you had to say when we shared the story on Facebook.

Guest Commentary

What are you willing to do in 2018?

NYC New Year

“The world looks different when examined through different lenses,” writes Adrienne Andrews.

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